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Afraid of starting with a blank page and making mistakes on those clean white pages? Try our journal challenges today!

Write it in the form of a novel and you are the protagonist!

To those that love to write but long for a new experience in journaling hence comes the challenge… journal your life, day-by-day, with one twist…

When you are busy every day, just write a few thoughts a week

to them that live life to its fullest but doesn’t have time to document every day, hence comes the challenge… write at least ten, one to two sentence thoughts throughout the week.

To them that love their dog and wants a fun way to write

write it in the eyes of your dog! write it, and read it over and over- so you’ll always remember the love you shared between their “hooman” and you

Journaling can help...


Arjelia MendezThe most fun Journaling!

"I am enjoying writing my life in the third person, as an adventure, love story and a mystery. This is so much fun and I look forward to writing in it every night. You have to try it!"

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