Handmade Leather Binder – Made in The USA

This binder is perfect for those that download and print their own journal pages! (See it Here)

Just three-hole punch your pages and you’ll have a story to tell in a very classy way!


Handmade Leather Binder – Made in The USA



  • Built to last: Handmade with premium, US-sourced top grain leather. Watch it develop its own unique patina with time and use.
  • Three ring spine: Built to accommodate hole-punched 8.5″ x 11″ paper or any standard-sized binder accessory such as photo pages, slip-in sleeves, dividers, etc.
  • Tie closure: Designed for a simple tie closure to easily open and secure your binder
  • Multiple uses: No wrong way to use it. Binders are fantastic for its many uses from storing important documents to starting a family photo album.
  • Soft binder: Uncommon from traditional stiff binders, this handmade leather binder is soft and pliable.